Ride for the Fallen is an event built upon its founders' infinite love for SPC Justin Rollins. This year we dedicated the ride to the Vietnam Vets, thanking them for their service, and welcoming them home. 

Are you unable to join us for the ride but would like to donate? Mail donations to the:

"Justin A. Rollins Memorial Scholarship Fund"
PO Box 444
Newport, NH 03773

Tribute to the Samarra 7 from Karen Estrada, MS on Vimeo.

On March 5, like so many days before it and after it, two bombs exploded in Iraq and stole the lives of seven 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers. Their story isn't about politics or number or strategy. Their story is about brotherhood and sacrifice, duty and loss, about soldiers fighting side by side for the men to the left and right of them. And in telling their story, we are telling the story of all soldiers who make the sacrifices the rest of us cannot. We ask that you take time out of your day to read this full tribute article, and watch the memorial video for these seven fine Paratroopers who were taken at the prime of their lifes. These were good men, who will watch over us from above.We ask that we not forget these brave men, and let their names and stories live long in your thoughts as they will in mine. Paratroopers never die, they just slip away. Airborne, all the way!!!

Samarra Seven The Last Full Measure

Thank you Nick Letendre for this video " In Remembrance ~ Brother " Watch and you will see the Rollins Family ~ This was filmed at Arlington National Cemetery.

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